Policy Page

Throughout the course of us communicating with each other, or working together, my company will naturally obtain information about you, such as your name, email address, program enrolments and other contact information.

We will only ever use information gathered from and about you in the ways in which they are intended to be used - for example, to get in touch with you or to provide a service to you.

We will never add your contact to a mailing list without your expressed permission. We engage an email database management provider that is gdpr compliant and we collect email addresses in a way that is transparent and clear.

We will never give your details out to third party without your expressed permission.

All payments are processed via reputable third party processing platforms and not stored by us.

All company information and IP is stored on password protected computers and within reputable and reliable software systems.

In the event of any kind of breach, we will do any reasonable thing we can do to let you know immediately, and to rectify the situation.

If while we work together you engage in closed online groups, your comments or images won’t be shared anywhere outside the group without your expressed permission.

All members of the group will be advised of this requirement, and any breaches will be rectified as best as we can, to protect your privacy.

If you are ever worried about your privacy in regard to our business operations please contact Samantha directly via this link.